Author portrait picture Managing change

The second blog from the Local Government team.

Author portrait picture The trust paradox

Reconciling security and privacy may be the issue of the decade, senior leaders of public agencies attending the fourth Transparency International Leaders Integrity Forum were told last month.

Author portrait picture Water, water, everywhere...

We’re a bit water obsessed in our little corner of the Office because we’re preparing to launch the Auditor-General’s work programme theme for 2017/18 – Water.

Author portrait picture What if voting made you healthier?

My daughters live virtual lives online without the embarrassing presence of their mother trying too hard to be hip – except at elections.

Author portrait picture Suicide: Auditing a complex topic

I have worked for the Office of the Auditor-General for more than 11 years. In that time, I’ve audited a wide range of organisations, programmes, and services.

Author portrait picture Performance reporting – why is it important?

The wealth of mediaeval English monarchs, the spoils from the age of exploration and conquest, the wealth creation of the new middle classes in the industrial revolution… What have these got to do with performance reporting in the New Zealand public sector? Quite a lot, as it turns out.

Author portrait picture I’ll settle for second best. Yeah right.

A relative in Hawaii recently asked me what it was like to live in New Zealand. My reply? “I love it – can’t complain”. But should I?

Author portrait picture Putting a human face on our work

When I became a performance auditor, I expected I would be working at a desk, reading and reviewing files, and assessing and auditing numbers on a page.