Author portrait picture A dynamic duo

Even the world's greatest superheroes sometimes find themselves up against impossible odds. That's when they call upon a trusted friend for help.

Author portrait picture Whodunit?

Well, well, well.

Author portrait picture Super Audit Hero!

Many times when people contact us with their problems and concerns, they seem to be hoping that our "mighty powers of auditing" will fix it all...

Author portrait picture CSI: Parks and reserves

It was a sunny Monday morning. The wind was rustling gently through the golden leaves of the willows by the river. Although crisp and clear outside, the normal morning run through this park felt different. Something had changed...

Author portrait picture We will remember them.

I have a curious fondness for Robert Harry Martin. I’ve never met him and he died, aged 81, when I was six years old.

Author portrait picture Hearing things people don’t say

I often hear things people don’t say. No, I’m not the Office’s new secret weapon for getting to the truth...