Author portrait picture A Lamborghini for everyone on the West Coast?

One hundred billion dollars would buy everyone on the West Coast a shiny new car. It’s a colossal amount of money – and it’s the value of the assets that our councils are managing.

Author portrait picture Inheritance, institutions, and the Office

Usually, when we talk about institutions we mean places we don’t like to go – police stations, hospitals, or courts...

Author portrait picture Gadzooks, man! Where was the auditor!?

Although there are cases of fraud here in Godzone, we’ve got it pretty good compared to other countries. Mostly, people act with integrity and go to work to do the best job they can.

Author portrait picture Have you got it all boxed off?

The movement of goods and people is the glue that holds the modern world together, so we ignore it at our peril.

Author portrait picture I’m a brain surgeon, me

I love what I do – but I don’t enjoy trying to explain it at parties…

Author portrait picture My only friend, the end

The End – described as a spiraling 12-minute Freudian saga – is one of my favourite Doors' tracks.

Author portrait picture Slips, trips, and the one-armed auditor

Are Wellington's high kerbs part of an evil plan to depose cats from the number one spot on the net? And what's that got to do with ACC?

Author portrait picture Get yer trousers on, you're Tweeted.

It's a Monday in 1975. In Britain, a 10-year-old boy is quietly finding a spot to watch the TV out of his parents' line of sight. It's approaching 9pm, the TV watershed, which means bedtime. At stake are playground bragging rights...