Martin Clive Hamon

From auditor to soldier.

Martin Clive Hamon was from Auckland and joined the Audit Department in April 1911. By the outbreak of WW1, Martin had passed the Senior Civil Service Examination and had attained the position of Audit Examiner, Class VII, in Wellington.

Martin was 24 years old when he joined the New Zealand Expeditionary Force in September 1915.

He was posted to the Medical Corps and left New Zealand in January 1916 on the hospital ship Maheno. The military file for Martin contains no details on his role in the Medical Corps, but given his professional background, he may have carried out accounting and administrative duties.

While on board the Maheno, Martin became ill and was put ashore at Suez and admitted to hospital. When Martin recovered from his illness, in March 1916, he was posted to the New Zealand General Hospital at Cairo. In June 1916, he was posted to the New Zealand First General Hospital Brockenhurst, in England. This hospital was the base for the New Zealand Medical Corps during WW1. Martin was based there for the rest of his war service.

In September 1918 he was sent on a “Course of Instruction” at Hornchurch Convalescent Hospital in England. While at Hornchurch, Martin became ill with influenza and was admitted as a patient to Hornchurch Hospital on 2 November 1918. A Medical Board report listed his medical condition as suffering from influenza, as well as a lung infection and blood clotting of his left leg. He was declared unfit for further war service for a period of six months, and embarked for New Zealand in January 1919. He was discharged from the New Zealand Expeditionary Force in March 1919.

Martin was awarded the British War Medal. He rejoined the Audit Department and by 1921 had attained the position of Assistant in Audit Inspector’s Office,
Class VI, Christchurch. He had also passed the Accountants Professional Examination.

At the outbreak of WW2, Martin held the position of Audit Inspector, Nelson. He applied, at the age of 48, to join the 2nd New Zealand Expeditionary Force in February 1941. He was medically assessed as being fit for Home Defence and fit for garrison duty in the tropics. He served in New Zealand for the Home Guard during WW2 and was discharged in August 1948.

He was awarded the War Medal (1939-1945) and the New Zealand War Service Medal.

Martin continued to serve as an Audit Inspector, Nelson and retired in 1955.

He died on 10 November 1960.