The basics

Clear and meaningful service performance information and reporting is crucial for accountability reasons, and in helping to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of public organisations.

As citizens, we need reliable and timely information about the performance of public organisations to ask the right questions of those who govern and lead them. Most public organisations are required to report on:

  • the amount of public money they've spent;
  • the services they've delivered with that money; and
  • the difference they've made.

There are legislative requirements for most public organisations to prepare information (in various forms) about their performance.

Statutes governing public organisations' performance reporting obligations include:

  • the Public Finance Act 1989;
  • Crown Entities Act 2004;
  • Local Government Act 2002;
  • Education and Training Act 2020; and
  • Energy Companies Act 1992.

There might also be performance reporting obligations in the public organisation’s enabling Act.

Page last updated: 2 September 2021