Appendix 6: Issues councils may need to inform ratepayers about when they apply to postpone their rates

Residential rates postponement.
  • Whether regional council rates are also postponed.
  • The likely effect of rates postponement on the ratepayer’s equity.
  • Whether postponed rates can be transferred to another property in the district.
  • Any rates that cannot be or are not being postponed (for example, metered water rates).
  • What happens to postponed rates if the ratepayer moves into a retirement home.
  • Under what circumstances the postponed rates will need to be paid.
  • Whether the council or the ratepayer bears the risk of the value of postponed rates exceeding the value of the property they are postponed against.
  • The consequences for the ratepayer if they fail to continue to meet conditions of postponement, such as keeping their house insured or permanently residing at the property.
  • All administration fees and charges.
  • What the current interest rate is and how the rate is set.
  • That the interest rate is subject to change.
  • What the ratepayer’s rights are if the policy changes.
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