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Our intentions: Inspecting vehicles for safety Our intentions: Inspecting vehicles for safety

3 April 2024: This performance audit will look at how Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency makes sure that the individuals and organisations that issue warrants or certificates of fitness are meeting inspection requirements.

Governance of the City Rail Link project

28 June 2022: We looked at the governance arrangements for the City Rail Link project to see whether they were effective and likely to support its successful completion.

Reviewing aspects of the Auckland Manukau Eastern Transport Initiative

October 2015: Progress with technical aspects – such as reaching design solutions, developing procurement options, and budget management – has been strong. But Auckland Transport needs to improve the focus on relationships with stakeholders, contractor performance, and the benefits delivered to date, as part of the monitoring and reporting. We made 12 recommendations to help Auckland Transport strengthen AMETI’s governance, accountability, and programme management arrangements.

Author portrait picture Have you got it all boxed off?

The movement of goods and people is the glue that holds the modern world together, so we ignore it at our peril.

Overview of the Auditor-General’s work in the transport sector

March 2012: This document gives an overview of the role of the Auditor-General and outlines the kind of advice and support that the Transport and Industrial Relations Committee can expect from us. It also provides a description of the transport sector and its strategic significance, and describes our work in general and, specifically, in the transport sector.

Managing the implications of public private partnerships

November 2011: This discussion paper has been written to inform public sector leaders and decision-makers considering partnering with the private sector about the general features of PPPs and the factors that are seen as important in sustaining an appropriate "enabling" environment for all PPPs...

New Zealand Transport Agency: Information and planning for maintaining and renewing the state highway network

September 2010: NZTA had good descriptive and condition information about the state highway roads, and it had a planning framework that enabled it to use this information for day-to-day maintenance and renewal of the road network. However, not all of its information was complete, especially for structures such as bridges and tunnels. Its long-term planning was also incomplete at the time of our audit...

Maintaining and renewing the rail network

July 2008: We carried out a performance audit to provide assurance about the effectiveness of Ontrack’s systems for maintaining and renewing the rail network...

Assessing arrangements for jointly maintaining state highways and local roads

June 2007: Transit New Zealand and district councils have separate statutory responsibilities for state highways and local roads respectively. In three districts, they have joined forces in different ways to manage and maintain local roads and state highways. We looked at how well these collaborative agreements are working, and what cost savings and other benefits they bring...

Effectiveness of controls over the taxi industry

June 2005: This audit looked at the Authority’s oversight of taxi organisations, passenger service licence holders, drivers, and course providers. Little progress has been made since our 1997 report. Inconsistent and inadequate monitoring and enforcing has led to widespread non-compliance...