Parliamentary Group

Russell BatesThe Parliamentary Group manages the Auditor-General's relationships with:

  • public organisations in central government (except those in the energy and environment sectors);
  • auditors appointed by the Auditor-General to audit central government public organisations; and
  • Parliament's select committees that hold central government organisations to account.

Parliamentary Group Sector Managers are responsible for:

  • managing the Office's relationship with Parliament and other key stakeholders (external and internal);
  • advising and assisting Parliamentary select committees with their annual reviews of public entities and Estimates’ examinations; and 
  • working closely with other Groups in the Office to develop the Auditor-General's discretionary work programme, and support annual audits, performance audits, and inquiries.

The Assistant Auditor-General, Parliamentary Group, is Russell Bates.

Page last updated: 18 December 2023