Our people

The Office of the Auditor-General's leadership team currently consists of the Auditor-General, the Deputy Auditor-General, and seven Assistant Auditors-General.

We also have a team of sector managers, who are the contact people in our Office for the organisations we audit, and an Assistant Controller, who leads the team carrying out the Controller function.

Our leadership team

John Ryan's photo
John Ryan
Controller and Auditor-General
Greg Schollum's photo
Greg Schollum
Deputy Controller and Auditor-General
Todd Beardsworth's photo
Todd Beardsworth
Assistant Auditor-General, Audit Quality
Becky MacNeill's photo
Becky MacNeill
Assistant Auditor-General, Corporate Services
Melanie Webb's photo
Melanie Webb
Assistant Auditor-General, Legal, Policy, and Inquiries
Photo of Andrea Reeves
Andrea Reeves
Assistant Auditor-General, Local Government
Photo of Gareth Ellis
Gareth Ellis
Assistant Auditor-General, Parliamentary Group
Leeanne McAviney's photo
Leeanne McAviney
Assistant Auditor-General, Sector Performance
Photo of Sarah Stevenson
Sarah Stevenson
Assistant Auditor-General, Strategy and Communications

The Executive Director of Audit New Zealand also reports to the Auditor-General, and Audit New Zealand's Executive Leadership Team meets quarterly with the OAG's Leadership Team.

Page last updated: 16 June 2021