Appendix 2: Implementation status of the Commission of Inquiry recommendations

Response of the New Zealand Police to the Commission of Inquiry into Police Conduct: Final monitoring report


As expectedLargely as expected (or not yet known)Partly as expected (with further work required)
Implemented recommended actions R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7, R8, R10, R11, R12, R13, R14, R16, R17, R19, R20, R33, R34, R35, R36, R37, R38, R39, R40, R41, R42, R43, R44, R45, R47, R48, R49, R52, R58, R59

R15 – Communication with adult sexual assault complainants has improved but there is evidence of some inconsistency in communications. The Police plan to address this in ongoing quality assurance and improvement reviews, and communications training. Victims of adult sexual assault are able to ask for a change in their investigator, should they want to.

R51 – The Police have implemented an annual workplace survey but there is not yet certainty as to how the Police will monitor in the future whether they are providing a safe working environment for women and minority groups.

R46 – The latest implementation of ethics committees is relatively recent, and it is too early to know what results they are delivering and whether they are adhering to national guidelines, but the Police's plan is that the committees adhere to those guidelines.

R9 – Training is fully in place, but lack of a resourcing model for the number of adult sexual assault investigators means the Police cannot be certain that the resources necessary for effective implementation of the adult sexual assault investigation policy are available.

R18 – Training is implemented, but there is evidence of inconsistency in the service received by adult sexual assault complainants and there are no plans in place beyond quality assurance and improvement reviews to address this. There are also no plans for refresher adult sexual assault training.

R50 – A lot of diversity initiatives have been implemented, and the Police have received commendations for them. However, diversity does not yet reflect the community served, the Police have not met some of their gender balance targets (not generally a sign of under-performance but of making a real effort to meet the spirit of the recommendation), and the functioning of the Flexible Employment Opportunity policy needs to improve.

R53/54/55/56 – Processes are in place to support the reporting of wrongdoing but there is some lack of confidence in those processes. Possibly, different actions are needed to increase confidence and ensure that people who report wrongdoing are protected.

As expectedLargely as expected (or not yet known)Partly as expected (with further work required)
Implemented similar to recommended actions None R57 – The Police rely on a variety of communication channels to obtain community feedback rather than establishing groups of community representatives, and feedback from those channels may feed into the early warning system when it relates to one of the indicators in that system. Many of the communication channels were in their infancy 10 years ago (for example, Facebook and Twitter). How community feedback prevents inappropriate behaviour escalating is not known but there are high levels of public trust and confidence in the Police None
Number of recommendations 36 4 7