Appendix: Definitions of the criteria used in our assessments

Effectiveness of governance arrangements in the arts, culture, and heritage sector.
Leading Standards and practices for managing organisational capabilities set industry standards.

Continuous improvement is embedded across all governance areas within the organisation.
Comprehensive Consistent governance standards, practices, and processes across the organisation.

Performance is measured and controlled.

Some practices follow best practice.
There are improvement plans to bridge some of the identified gaps.
Progressing Governance structures, policies, and processes are fully established, but there are inconsistencies in the application of these in practice.

Roles are further refined to include performance expectations.

Understanding of existing gaps in comparison to best practices, but limited response.
Developing General recognition of the importance of governance processes in providing direction and oversight.

Attempts to establish formal practices and define standards.
Improved monitoring and measurement in some areas.

Good understanding of best practice but limited attempts to apply them.
Ad hoc and limited Basic understanding of governance processes and their importance.

No clear definitions or standards set.

Limited monitoring and measurement of the performance of set processes/policies.

High dependency on discretionary individual awareness and initiative.

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