Appendix 3: Reports published in 2004-05

Annual report 2005-06.
26 July 2005 Local Government: Results of the 2003-04 Audits – parliamentary paper B.29[05b]
26 July 2005 Ministry of Justice: Performance of the Collections Unit in collecting and enforcing fines
26 July 2005 Electricity Commission: Contracting with service providers
21 October 2005 Annual Report 2004-05 – parliamentary paper B.28
15 November 2005 Inquiry into the sale of Paraparaumu Aerodrome by the Ministry of Transport

15 November 2005

Cambridge High School’s management of conflicts of interest in relation to Cambridge International College (NZ) Limited
6 December 2005 Inquiry into certain aspects of Te Wānanga o Aotearoa
13 December 2005 Maritime Safety Authority: Progress in implementing recommendations of the Review of Safe Ship Management Systems
19 December 2005 Inquiry into the Ministry of Health’s contracting with Allen and Clarke Policy and Regulatory Specialists Limited
15 February 2006 New Zealand Police: Dealing with dwelling burglary – follow-up audit
15 February 2006 Achieving public sector outcomes with private sector partners
14 March 2006 The Treasury: Capability to recognise and respond to issues for Māori
21 March 2006 Progress with priorities for health information management and information technology
4 April 2006 Draft Annual Plan 2006-07
4 April 2006

Inquiry into funding arrangements for Green Party ministerial liaison roles

6 April 2006 Central Government: Results of the 2004-05 audits – parliamentary paper B.29[06a]
19 April 2006 Management of heritage collections in local museums and art galleries
10 May 2006 Management of the West Coast Economic Development Funding Package
16 May 2006 Foundation for Research, Science and Technology: Administration of grant programmes
18 May 2006 Annual Plan 2006-07 – parliamentary paper B.28AP(06)
24 May 2006 Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry: Managing biosecurity risks associated with high-risk sea containers
25 May 2006 Department of Conservation; Planning for and managing publicly owned land
9 June 2006 Inquiry into certain allegations made about Housing New Zealand Corporation
13 June 2006 Local Government: Results of the 2004-05 audits – parliamentary paper B.29[06b]
27 June 2006

Local authority codes of conduct

27 June 2006 Housing New Zealand Corporation: Effectiveness of programmes to buy and lease properties for state housing
29 June 2006 Ministry of Education: Management of the school property portfolio
29 June 2006 Principles to underpin management by public entities of funding to non-government organisations

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