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The Chief Executive Review Process and Deputy Commissioner Teams’ Involvement

Before the adoption of the DC Team approach, the processes for reviewing the chief executive’s performance and the performance of the department were separate. A Letter of Expectations, setting out what was sought from the department over the coming year, was used to assess the performance of the department. Performance of the chief executives was assessed against a separate performance agreement with the responsible Minister. These processes were merged with the DC Team approach, and the chief executive’s performance is now considered hand-in-hand with the performance of their department.

The various steps in the chief executive review process are shown in the diagram on the opposite page.

Material for reviews is gathered from Ministers, chief executives, central agencies, and referees nominated by Ministers, chief executives and the Commissioner. The relevant Deputy Commissioner and Team member are responsible for receiving and recording this information. They may decide to seek input from different/more stakeholders.

Commissioner meets with departmental and Vote Ministers to discuss chief executive’s performance.
The Deputy Commissioner and Team member will record the Ministers’ views and manage the process of clearing the comment with the Ministers concerned.
Written records of meetings sent to Ministers for their endorsement.

Chief executive prepares self assessment (this may occur earlier in the process).

Review material evaluated by the Commissioner in terms of the chief executive’s results and behaviours.
The Deputy Commissioner and Team member will synthesise the information as an input to a draft review document, which is prepared after the Commissioner and chief executive meet.
Commissioner sends a chief executive the Ministers’ comments and a summary of the referees’ comments.

Commissioner and chief executive discuss performance and personal development. The Deputy Commissioner and Team member will compile any relevant briefing papers or presentations required for this discussion.

Commissioner reports findings to Responsible Minister. Report is copied to chief executive. The finalised review is compiled by the Deputy Commissioner and Team member.

Wrap-up: remuneration review, follow-up action and professional development.
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