Glossary of Abbreviations

Managing Threats to Domestic Security.
AvSec Aviation Security Service (a separate function of the Civil Aviation Authority)
CAA Civil Aviation Authority
CIMS Co-ordinated Incident Management System
CLAG Combined Law Agencies Group
Customs New Zealand Customs Service
CSI Container Security Initiative
CTG Counter Terrorist Group of the New Zealand Defence Force
DES Cabinet Committee on Domestic and External Security Co-ordination
DESS Domestic and External Security Secretariat
DESC Domestic and External Security Co-ordination
DPMC Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
EAB External Assessments Bureau
FIRC Foreign Intelligence Requirements Committee
GCSB Government Communications Security Bureau
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organisation
Immigration Service New Zealand Immigration Service (a division of the Service Department of Labour)
IMO International Maritime Organisation
ISO International Organization for Standardization
JIG Joint Intelligence Group
MAF Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
MCDEM Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management
MFAT Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
MoH Ministry of Health
MoT Ministry of Transport
MSA Maritime Safety Authority

National Assessments Committee

NMCC National Maritime Co-ordination Centre
NZDF New Zealand Defence Force
NZSIS New Zealand Security Intelligence Service
ODESC Officials Committee for Domestic and External Security Co-ordination
STG Special Tactics Group of the Police
WCO World Customs Organisation
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