Providing and Caring For School Property.

State-owned school property is one of the Crown’s largest capital investments. The Ministry of Education manages this investment on behalf of the Crown, and the Crown has a clear interest in ensuring that it is managed in an efficient and effective manner. Well-managed school property provides an environment which is conducive to learning, and also enhances the value of the Crown’s investment in school buildings and facilities.

This is our report of a study to assess the Ministry’s performance in managing the property portfolio. It follows a number of reviews undertaken and reports produced since the introduction of the Tomorrow’s Schools policy in 1989.

Our study focused on:

  • the management arrangements in place between the Ministry and School Boards of Trustees (Boards); and
  • the systems and processes for managing (including funding) the provision and maintenance of school property.

D J D Macdonald
Controller and Auditor-General

24 August 2001