Christchurch Office Accommodation - calls for Registrations of Interest

12 April 2012


The Controller and Auditor-General (the Auditor-General) wishes to establish a short list of prospective lessors or land agents who are interested in leasing office accommodation to the Auditor-General for her Christchurch-based Audit New Zealand staff.

Property owners, developers, or their agents (who are authorised to respond to this request) are invited to register their interest and provide information to enable a preliminary evaluation of possible options.

This is not a tender document and the Auditor-General reserves the right to accept or reject any response to this request for ROI, to pursue other options, and to invite parties to participate in the process. The Auditor-General may, at her discretion, amend or withdraw this document at any time and reserves the right to delay, alter, or discontinue her search and selection process for any reason without having to inform any party of the grounds for such action. The Auditor-General will not be liable for any costs or expenses incurred by any entity responding to this request.


All communication and correspondence with respect to this ROI is to be addressed to:

Syd Budge
Corporate Administration Manager
Office of the Auditor-General
Level 2, 100 Molesworth Street

Every response must:

  1. Provide the full information requested under ROI Responses below using the same headings.
  2. Be signed by the authorised respondent.
  3. Be clearly marked Audit New Zealand Christchurch Office Accommodation ROI April 2012.
  4. Comprise 3 hard copies and an electronic copy delivered to the above address by no later than 5pm Monday 7 May 2012.

All responses will be acknowledged, by email if an email address is provided in the response.

Auditor-General’s Requirements

Since the February 2011 earthquake, Audit New Zealand has operated from office units in the Bishopdale Mall area. These units are leased on a short term basis. The lease on our original premises has since expired.  We wish to re-locate our staff into long-term accommodation, preferably by end 2012 early 2013.

The Auditor-General wishes to understand and consider all options available in the present Christchurch office accommodation market.

Registrations of interest are invited from parties wishing to provide premises that are capable of meeting the following requirements:

  • 550 to 600 square metres of office accommodation in a low-rise building
  • If applicable, for existing, new or planned developments these must be located on “green zoned or green stickered” sites or lots.
  • Available to lease for at least six years with multiple three-year options to renew.
  • Located within Christchurch or surrounding area..
  • Efficient space on one floor.
  • Optimum natural light.
  • Contemporary Government-standard architectural and building services quality.
  • Access to Telstra Clear’s or Telecom’s high-speed data network.
  • 100% compliant to the current Building Act 2004 and if applicable, total % NBS building compliance .
  • 6 dedicated car parks in or adjacent to the building.  


Key dates, which are subject to change at the Auditor-General’s discretion, for the ROI and any subsequent process are as follows:

  • Registration of Interests close:  5pm Monday 7 May 2012.
  • Evaluation of responses, including possible preliminary site visits by 28 May 2012
  • Request proposals or enter direct negotiations with any number (at the Auditor-General’s sole discretion)  of  ROI respondents: by mid June 2012 (indicative)

ROI Response Requirement

Please provide the following information in your response, using the same headings:

  1. Respondent (your) details:
    • Entity name, type and address
    • Nominated point of contact and their contact details (phone, email etc)
    • Where you are acting as agent or representative for the owner, provide written confirmation from the owner that you are authorised to respond to this ROI and to act on their behalf.
  2. Details of the building and specific tenancy, including:
    • Building name and address.
    • Legal description.
    • Clear identification of proposed premises, including net lettable area and floor plans.
    • If an existing building:
      • Comment on the impact that the Canterbury earthquakes have had on the building, including information about any actual or proposed remedial work.
      • Outline specification including architectural and building services performance specification, clearly identifying as-built state and scope of any proposed work (e.g. upgrade/refurbishment).
      • Provide any geotechnical reports, individual evaluation procedures and/or structural engineering reports obtained on the property / building or land since June 2011.
      • Availability of existing fit-out.
      • Details of insurance cover for the building.
      • Details of any work, resource consents or other activities that may be required to meet our needs.
    • If a new development:
      • Outline specification including architectural and building services performance specification, including whether you would consider leasing the building as fully fitted out rather than a bare shell.
      • Provide any geotechnical reports obtained on the property since June 2011.
      • Advise the status and timeline of the development programme, including any key milestones.
      • Advise the status of financing the build (if required), insurance cover and obtaining building / resource consents.
  3. Ownership and management details:
    • Ownership of the premises.
    • Whether there are, or expected to be, other tenancies in the premises.
    • Arrangements for property and facilities management.
  4. Dates that premises would be available for the Auditor-General’s fit out and occupation.
  5. Confirmation that the proposed premises:
    • would be available to lease for at least six years with multiple three-year options to renew;
    • architectural and buildings services are to contemporary Government office property standards;
    • have access to Telstra Clear’s or Telecom’s high-speed data network;
    • are 100% compliant to the current Building Act 2004; and total % NBS building compliance is supplied; and
    • have 6 car parks available in or adjacent to the building.
  6. Occupancy Cost (excluding fit-out)
    • An indication of the likely gross occupancy cost for the proposed space.
    • An indication of the likely additional fit out rent, if this option is potentially available.
  7. Conflict
    • Disclose any potential or actual conflicts of interest.

Registration of Interest (ROI) Evaluation Procedure

The Auditor-General will evaluate responses to this ROI based on her requirements and consider which, if any, respondents will be invited to participate in the subsequent process.

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