Workshops to support improvements in service performance information

31 August 2010

The OAG and the Treasury have been working together on a wider framework for service performance management and accountability in the public sector.

As part of our focus on supporting improvement in service performance information, and its reporting, we ran a series of sessions earlier this year and conducted an on-line survey to identify challenges and common measurement areas that central government agencies had as the highest priorities.

As a result, we are planning to hold a series of seven workshops in September and October 2010. Each workshop will be focused on a specific challenge or common measurement area.

Each workshop will last for about two hours. A different central government entity will host and facilitate each workshop, with our Office and the Treasury providing support.

How to take part in the workshops

Contact the host entity if you would like to participate in any of the workshops. The times, dates, host entities, and RSVP details are all available online.

After the workshops

After these workshops have taken place, we will work with the host entities in reviewing the results. We will identify those areas that seem to warrant further work, and how we can best do that work.

We will make the results of the workshops and our reviews available to all entities.

Page last updated: 31 August 2010

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