Part 1: Introduction

Draft annual plan 2022/23.

Our purpose is improving trust, promoting value in the public sector. Everything we do is focused on how well public organisations perform, account for their performance, and deliver value for money.

Our annual plan is a key accountability document for our Office. It describes the discretionary work we consider will help us to achieve our ultimate outcome – that Parliament and the public can have trust and confidence in New Zealand’s public sector.

The draft annual plan covers our proposed discretionary work programme for 2022/23 – performance audits, special studies, commentaries and research, regular reports and updates, and good practice guidance. It does not cover our mandatory audits of more than 3360 public organisations and their subsidiaries1 or the inquiries that we might carry out.2

The Auditor-General is responsible for auditing every public organisation in New Zealand. Find out more about our role and work on our website.

This year we will update our strategy

We are updating our strategy during 2022. Normally, our draft and final annual plans would set out our high-level intentions for the years following the year covered by the plan. This year, to retain flexibility to adjust our priorities after we update our strategy, our draft annual plan focuses primarily on 2022/23. We remain interested in feedback about topics we could consider in the next several years. That feedback would be useful for our strategy work and help inform future annual plans.

We welcome your feedback

By the end of April each year, we must submit our draft annual plan to the Speaker of the House of Representatives (see section 36 of the Public Audit Act 2001). We distribute our draft annual plan widely in the public sector and beyond to reach as many interested parties as we can. We also publish the plan on our website and share it on our social media platforms so that members of the public have increased opportunity to provide feedback on our proposed work.

1: See Appendix 1 for a summary of the types of public organisations we audit.

2: In contrast to our planned discretionary work, our inquiries work responds to matters of current concern and the number and topics we might inquire into is, as a consequence, largely unpredictable.